Getting inside after a big trek home, only to find we’d lost the keys

Luckily for us, the train ride home was fine and there was no problems with drunken, lonely men. We’d gotten back to Nat’s house, only to discover that she’d lost her keys. In our drunken state, we had both found this incredibly funny, rolling around on the concrete, laughing at our stupidity. We’d caught the train all the way back from the city, only to find out we were locked out. Fumbling for her phone, Nat attempted to call the 24 Hour Locksmith Melbourne team, failing at the first three attempts. Too intoxicated to complete the task, Nat handed me the phone. I could hear the man from Master Key Systems Melbourne talking to the air. I was holding the phone in front of me shaking my head at Nat. I was too drunk to speak to this man, especially considering it was about 5 a.m. She was giggling, miming that I was the one that had to make the arrangements. I could hear the frustration in the man’s voice, and I knew that I would of been very frustrated if I was in his situation. Apologising repeatedly, I thanked the man for coming to the phone and apologised for the disturbance. After managing to correctly recite Nat’s address to the locksmith, he told me to sit tight and that he’d be right over.

I flopped down on the couch and burst into laughter. I couldn’t believe the night we’d just had. It was the first time I’d been out in a long time, and I was glad it was to celebrate my fantastic new job. I never would’ve guessed that we’d end up locked out of Nat’s house, running around her garden like children whose parent’s had forgotten to give them a bedtime. The man from Commercial Locksmith Melbourne had just come all the way over here to let us into Nat’s house after losing her keys. This was a night we were never going to forget.

Boosting Dad’s confidence to call the asphalt team

I’d told my father some things that may have pushed him towards making his decision. He had been incredibly upset with my mother. They’d been unhappy with each other for a few days now, and it was only getting worse. The heavy rain that had set in over the past two weeks had completely flooded our driveway. There was no way of getting the car into the drive, not to mention how impossible it was to get to the house and still have dry shoes. My father had spent the past few days working on plans for the driveway. He didn’t want to just call up Asphalt Parking Lots Brisbane and have them fill it with asphalt, he wanted to know what was going on. My father had looked into the details of laying a driveway. Of course, there were procedures you had to follow, and there were a few regulations that they’d have to take into consideration. My father told me he liked to know as much as he could about something, because according to my father, knowledge was power.

Having watched my mother crush my father’s hopes and dreams, discarding his hard work and refusing to even try for a compromise. My mother had walked away from my father without even giving him the time of day. Seeing this was probably what had prompted me to encourage my father. I’d told him that his plans were fantastic, and that my mother had no idea about anything. Within half an hour of speaking to him, I’d convinced my father to phone Asphalt Repairs Brisbane in the morning. He smiled and thanked me for the confidence boost. I was excited to have the team from Commercial Asphalt Repairs Brisbane come by, but I was happier about boosting my father’s spirits.

The invites are not going to email themselves

I want to get these things to the right hands but I really do not know who those hands are. I would guess that they would be the ones that we are meant to send them to but the problem with that is that I do not know who we are sending the invitations to. I love that Dan and I are getting married and the Engagement Invitations were the most amazing things that I have ever seen, besides his cute face, but now the actual wedding is here and it seems like we have to cull about 25% of the people that we invited to the engagement party. I do not want to do this because I think about 80% or so of the people that were there were family members. I am an economics student and so I like to look at data sets and see what I can do. I do not have to worry about this right now; it is a problem for another time. I think that I should just worry about something else. I will worry about actually creating the beat online vintage invites this town has ever seen and I will leave the culling to Dan. I will not actually do that; that would be cruel and not really a great way to start of a relationship. I think that the personalised wedding invites that we are going to do need to reflect our team status and that means that we have to do things as a team. I want us all to do things as a unit and as a group. I think that we will be getting married in a few months and then after that we will be talking about starting a family and I think that I will be the luckiest guy in the world if that happens.

In the event of a security disaster, think back on your life

In this life that we have, we had better make the most of it. I don’t really plan on wasting any of the time that I have left. I have been so lucky to have been a part of a life that is so much better than about 60% of the rest of the world and I really think that I am the luckiest of all of them. I don’t really know what I am going to do with the rest of my life, but I do know that I want to make sure that the security officer Walmsley sent over are all taken care of. I don’t think that anything will happen to me or to them but I do want to think that if it did then I would know what to do. I am really pleased that we get to host the emergency preparedness rally this year, after those folks over at Knass took it last year. I have a feeling the city will win this year because we have the best team in the whole business. I don’t really know what I’m going to do with the rest of my day once we win but I will take the security people out to dinner to celebrate. I don’t know if they are allowed to accept that so I will have to look into that. I don’t think I have really explained why I have the custom protective security service Bokal company here at all. It is a big carnival and a festival and a rally. I’m kidding but I do want to be serious for a second and say that I do not kid about things like this. The protection service company Perth crew are really excited about this whole thing and boy are they just excited to go. I am so glad that I brought over such a great and calming influence in the form of them. They will be a massive boon to our work this week and we look forward to raising the trophy above the heads of all those Knass boys and girls.

Boring meeting blocked by limousine thoughts

The words coming from the speakers mouth were drifting straight out the open window. I watched the swaying in the breeze and found joy in the vibrant blue that lined the sky. The contrast of it’s lightness with the strength of the trees, it opened my eyes once again to just how beautiful the world really is. I diverted my attention from the enticing hole in the wall and locked onto the speaker. He was a straight cut man, his suit was ironed sharp and his hair was tightly slicked back. He looked like every other shmuck that appeared before me. His words became blurred noises to me, and I zoned out. I couldn’t stop my mind from diverting back to the man from luxury limousines Melbourne. He had collected me from the airport, smiling – standing out from the other drivers, lined up by the luggage collection bay. I went over the conversations we had engaged in on the way over here, thinking of questions to ask him the next time we met.

I put my hand in my pocket, checking that the Limo Hire Melbourne business card was still firmly lodged in my pocket. I wondered how busy the man was, and whether there was a chance I could have him take me to my hotel once the meeting had finished. I stood up suddenly, the feet of my large, heavy chair scraping against the polished wooden boards. The speaker paused amidst another mundane sales line and I excused myself. As I walked through the large glass doors of the meeting room, I pulled out my mobile phone and the Limos Melbourne business card. Hopefully the company would be able to swap a few things around to get me that same driver.

Takeaway restaurant gets a makeover from the painters

The restaurant was undergoing some major renovations and it was going to look amazing when it was finished. My father owned a local takeaway store, which was very popular. The shop was always busy and my father was always looking for people to work for him. His business had grown an immense amount in such a short time period, none of us had expected it to happen. My father had decided that he wanted to change to appearance of the restaurant. He noticed that the shop was always busy, but there was hardly anyone staying to eat at the restaurant. Granted, the restaurant wasn’t the main focus of the business. We’d focused so much on getting people to notice the takeaway, that they looked straight past the restaurant. My father had an idea to change that, he wanted to give the restaurant a makeover. I thought it was a great idea and knew that it would definitely help to get some customers to eat in store.

My father had been speaking with the guys at Painter Melbourne over the past few weeks, finding out prices and what was involved in a job. The team of painters at House Painter Melbourne told my father everything he needed to know and how they would go about painting the restaurant. My father was very adamant that the painting needed to be done by a certain time, so when the man at Interior Paint Melbourne told my father they would have it done well before then, he made up his mind. They were the painting company he was going to go with. I was glad that Dad had found a good company to do the job, I just hoped it turned out the way my father wanted.

Small town boy’s dreams start with the mortgage broker

I had grown up in a small minded community, with no goals and a low socioeconomic status. Everyone living in the area had grown up there, as had their parents, and their parents’ parents. No one seemed to have any aspiration to leave that place, no one but me. I understood what the people meant when they said that the world worked to keep the needy broke, and the rich wealthy. I was determined to get out though, the world was going to have to work incredibly hard to keep me locked down – that’s for sure. A few years ago, when I first started working at the local supermarket, I made a five year plan. My plan was to save up enough money and accumulate enough life skills to buy a house in the city, and have a successful career. My horrible surroundings only pushed me further toward my goal and now, only three years later I’m in the position I’d hoped to be in, two years from now. I had more than enough for a house deposit and was the manager of the supermarket. I knew it wasn’t the best job, but having managerial experience is a huge step up for me.

My next task was to talk to Personal Home Loans Sunshine Coast. I couldn’t move without having a place to live, and I’d heard that Fixed Rate Home Loan Sunshine Coast were the people to talk to about mortgages. I picked up the phone and dialed the number for Refinance Existing Loan Sunshine Coast. I didn’t want to end up going all the way into the city, only to find out the mortgage brokers had no time to see me. I wanted everything to go as smoothly as possible.

Awoken by the air conditioning technician

I had been complaining about the winter the entire time. In fact I think I was even complaining about winter before it even arrived. Now that summer has arrived, and my air conditioner is broken, I’m deeply regretting my endless complaining. I had been sitting with a wet towel draped across my face for the past hour. I was lying on the tiles in my kitchen because it was the coolest spot in the house. It was only lunch time and I’d already had three cold showers. I was not coping with being unable to stay cool. I had called and arranged for a technician from Wall Mounted Air conditioner in Yourdamung Lake to come around this afternoon, but that was still a few hours away. I had to keep myself cool until the technician arrived, my survival depended on it.

I woke up to the sound of a bell. My vision became clear and I realised it was my doorbell. I jumped off my kitchen floor and headed towards the front door. I must have dozed off for a few hours. I opened the door to find the technician from Reverse Cycle Air conditioner services Adelaide standing before me. He introduced himself and I asked him into the house. He asked me about my day and I explained my accidental nap on the tiles. The man from Air Con Repairs Kalbeeba smiled at me and told me he’d do everything he could to get my air conditioner working agian. I left the man to his work and returned to the kitchen. I picked up the wet towel that I had used as blanket during my nanna nap. I wondered how long I would have slept for if the technician hadn’t of shown up. I was just glad he was here to fix my air con so I could be cool and comfortable.

I want to start this new life in the new kitchen and bathroom

I want this more than most things. I wanted a pie this morning and I got one. All I had to do was call up the Richie from downstairs and order a pie. It was brilliant. I love it, and I’m sure that once you all get your Richie’s you will be able to do this. I’m sure that once you make call of your money in bonds and investments, you will be able to afford a live in chef. I do not know if you will do that actually. You are looking at me like you do not know what I am talking about. I will move on then and talk about the kitchens. That is what I really wanted to talk about anyway. I love talking about it and I love showing off the great and wise Kitchen Renovations Sydney crew and company to the people that come to the home. I do not know their names yet, but I’m sure there will be plenty of time for that. In the meantime, I want to show you to the bathroom as well. I will let you know that this is a whole house redesign and there is a lot of time and effort being placed into this property so that it looks as good as I feel it should look. That is why the Home Renovations Sydney crew are here, and that is why they have been here for two days, and intend to stay for many weeks. I will not pretend to know how long these things take, but I am not one to want to rush perfection. I will leave it in the capable and very manly and rugged hands of the people from the Luxury Furniture Sydney crew, so that they can take care of it all.

I want there to be some great funeral arrangements made

I hate people and I really don’t like to look at them when they are gone from this world. It is against my religion. I’m just kidding because I do not have a religion, but I think that if I did, it would involve having almost nothing to do with people who have passed into the life-next. I do not think that I will ever be okay with that and if I was ever okay with it, and then I will know that I have turned into someone who was never really that likable to begin with. I never wanted to be likeable, but I want some people to come to my funeral, like I am going to go to Jerry’s. I do not like it, but I love him and so that outweighs my fears and doubts and trepidations. I want the Funeral Services Perth people to help me out with this thing because I really do not know what I am meant to do at a funeral. All of the people that I love are still alive and I have never had to go to a funeral. I do not know what I am meant to do. I do not know what I am meant to say, if anything. I will try to say as little as possible, but I will talk to Jerry’s wife, when Jerry is getting lowered sown in the ground. I saw it in a movie once and I think that Helen would appreciate it, and the Cremations Perth crew might as well. The odd thing is that Jerry is getting cremated and then buried. It is his choice I guess, but not what I would have gone with. I want to go into the life-next with a body in my coffin and I want to be able to use that body to move around and the Funeral Directors Perth has on offer will be able to make that happen. I trust them and I have faith in them. I know thy will be able to deliver.

Beauty salon appointment, a treat to me from me

I hadn’t been to Salon Perth in a while and I was a little bit worried about going back there. It wasn’t anything that the staff had done, I was broke. I was having a bit of financial difficulty and wasn’t able to schedule in my weekly salon visits. It must have been a few months since I’d been to see the beauty therapists, so I decided to treat myself. I had been working flat out and hadn’t had a day off in a long time. I needed a lot of extra money at the moment, so I had to put in a lot of extra hours. I finally decided the workload was getting to be too much. I called up my work and told them I was having the day off. I then told them that I would only be working normal hours and no more weekends, from then on. The woman on the phone was fairly taken back, but what could she do. They knew I’d happily quit that place without a second thought, and I was one of the best workers they had. They couldn’t risk losing me or they would lose business, and they knew it.

Once I’d hung up the phone to my work, I dialed the number for Arm Waxing Perth. When the woman answered the phone, she offered me some help and I told her what I was after. The woman at Mens Waxing Perth was able to schedule me in for an appointment, where she told me they would be able to take care of a few of my concerns in the one appointment, rather than booking a number of appointments. I was happy that they were able to arrange for everything to happen in one appointment.

I think that the security should be beefed up for the coronation

I want to have the best coronation that this town will ever see. I want to be the best king in the world. I really want to be the only king in the world but I guess that is probably not really going to happen. I guess I will have to live with being one of a bunch of kings, each more kingly than the last. I feel like the first king, in that I feel like they are all more kingly then me. I do mean it in the sense that I am first, premiere, the top, and the best. I am not; quite the opposite really. I think that it needs a bit more oomph about this thing and if there were more people here then it would really pop. I would have to call up the best Security Company Perth has, which is a really good one, and we will see about getting some more security for the coronation. I don’t really know any of the details about it, which is why I will get Jim to call and make all of the arrangements for it. I don’t really think that it would be too good if I got the event protective services Ferndale company in on this and I didn’t really know what was going on. I would not like that at all, and I think that they would not really like that all. Before I call them, or before Jim calls up the protective event security Perth crew, I will try to find out everything that I can, so that they are as well informed as they should be. That will be my goal for this thing that I am doing. I will be the best king that we can ever find on this island and I would like to think that I will be better than my father was, and I will most certainly have better security.

Warm paradise, that much closer now the heating technician is here

The morning had arrived and I could not believe it. I had hardly slept a wink last night. The thought of being warm, the excitement keeping me awake. It was nearly the end of winter and I had managed to last this long. Now, it was becoming a mental and physical health concern for me. I was starting to lose my mind and my body was deteriorating. I had lost so much weight, one of my friends didn’t even recognise me. Things were getting bad and I desperately needed to change it. I had cracked last night, gave in. I had booked an appointment with the people at Heating Repairs Adelaide. They were meant to be the best in the business, able to fix any machine at incredibly low prices. Service like theirs was unheard of these days, so naturally I was looking forward to their visit. The technician from Ducted Heating Repairs Adelaide arrived perfectly on time. His uniform was neatly tucked and the whiteness of his teeth matched the brightness of his socks. This man looked like he knew what was going on.

The technician walked directly towards the heater. He reminded me of a lion, targeting it’s prey. I wondered how the man from Ducted Gas Heating Repairs Perth thought of the machines he worked on. Was he approaching something he was confident at taking down? I watched as he took apart the unit. He asked me questions every now and then as he looked inside the heater. I didn’t have much to say about it other than it just wouldn’t turn on, and that it was old. He seemed to have faith, which made me feel confident. I left him to his work and returned to dreaming of a sunny paradise, jumping and playing in the ocean.

Word around town is they build good garages

Three days ago a branch fell off the tree in my front yard and landed on the bonnet of my car. I normally parked my car under that tree, or one of the other hundred trees crammed into my front yard. They were all big trees and looked incredibly old. As soon as I saw the branch on my car, I realised I was lucky that it wasn’t a heavier branch. It could have done a lot more damage than a few scratches on the paint. I thought about the possibility of having a garage, or at least an awning put in my front yard to stop the from falling on it. I didn’t know if I would be able to afford a garage, but I was sure going to look into it.

I did some research at work, asking people if they knew of any good garage builders. I had the same answer from a lot of people, which gave me a good impression. I got the phone number for custom storage sheds Tamworth and gave them a call during my lunch hour. The woman on the phone was incredibly polite. She asked me if I knew much about garages, or if I’d looked into it. I told her that I hadn’t and that I was just looking at prices and things like that. The woman from equine shed builders Gunnedah told me that it was probably a good idea to head down to the store so I could have a look at some photos and understand all the different options. I took down the address from the woman at garage shed Tamworth and hung up the phone. The rest of my day at work flew by. All I could think about was going down to the garage store and actually finding out how much they cost. I was going to have to do some numbers crunching tonight.

A little support goes a long way with a pest inspection

My father was sitting on his front porch when I arrived at his house. That meant my father was excited. He had not been invited out of the house in a long time. I was so glad that I had invited him, it clearly meant a lot to him. I was glad I was able to brighten up his day. I was coming past Dad’s house to pick him up so he could accompany me to a pest inspection. I was thinking about buying my first unit and my father had volunteered a lot of advice to me when I mentioned it. Mostly, he told me the importance of a thorough pest inspection, to ensure I didn’t buy a house that was not safe or structurally sound. I appreciated my father’s help and loved his company, so I was happy he agreed to go and meet the man from Ant Exterminator Melbourne.

The drive from my father’s house to my possible new unit wasn’t too long, but it was definitely exciting. My father was talking to me about tricks of the trade and I was busy taking in all the information. We pulled into the driveway of the unit block and I spotted the Cockroach Treatments Melbourne van in the parking lot. We hopped out of my ute and walked up the stairs to meet the inspector, who was waiting at the front door. After the introductions were done, we walked into the unit and the man from Pest Tests Melbourne started conducting his inspection. I walked around the unit, giving my father the grand tour. I sat down with my father on a garden chair and asked for his honest opinion about the unit. My father started to tell me what he thought, and then stopped. He smiled at me and told me that if all the inspections go well, I’d gotten myself a real stella of a first unit.

The final call, the completed renovations

When I looked down at my phone and saw a missed call from Sydney Home Renovations, my heart started to flutter. I knew it could have just been the regular end of day call to let me know how the days work went and where they were up to. I had a feeling it was a call for good news though, so as the my phone dialed through to his, I held my breath. When the man answered in a cheerful tone, a smile spread across my face. The man at New Kitchen Designs Sydney told me that I’d better get down to the house and have a look at what they’d done because they were pretty happy with it. My smile grew bigger. They had finished. I told the man on the phone that I would head over to the house and have a look at their work tonight. I wasn’t able to make it in time to catch the tradesman before they headed home. The man asked me to call him tomorrow and let him know what I thought. I hung up the phone and sat shocked for a moment. It hadn’t seemed real up until this point. Now, everything was sinking in.

I loaded the kids into the car and got them excited to see the renovations. I spent the whole car trip amping up my cousins, getting them as pumped as I was. We headed straight for my grandparents house and by the time we got there all the men from Bathroom Designers Sydney had all left. We walked through the house with wide eyes. It looked like a completely different home. My grandparents were going to be blown away. My cousins already loved it. The hard part would be keeping it a secret until my grandparents got home.

I want the work to be done, but I want the dog to be walked too

I don’t really want to work but I have to get this done. I would just love it if I could just magic it away and get it all done right now so that I could go outside with Simon and go for a great big walk with him. I can not do that, which is why I called up the Dog walking Seaford crew and why I want them to help me out. I love my dog more than anyone else in this world and it kills me to know that I can not be there for him in the ways that he wants me to be there. There are really only two things that I need to give him and that is food and water, and walks. I can give him all of the food and the water that he wants, and there is no way that I can get more time, which is why I am outsourcing my time to get the Dog walking service Melbourne crew to my house and to Simon’s feet. I want them to help him in the ways that I can not. It is not easy to admit that, as a human with a pet, but I have to face that harsh truth. I hope that I will not be relying on them for too long, even though they are really good. I really like the work that they are doing. It is really only until the film is done, then I can be a better master to Simon. I hate that term, master, but sometimes I have to use it. It is better than owner, or is it? I will ask the Insured Dog Walker Melbourne company what they think of the two terms. I will get their opinion and I’m pretty sure that they will give me something very insightful.

Scared and helpless, tow truck comes to rescue

I had no idea what to do. Smoke had started billowing out of the bonnet and the temperature gauge was off the chart. Something had gone very wrong with this car and I had no idea what I was supposed to do. With smoke still pouring from under the bonnet, I wasn’t sure whether or not to attempt to turn the engine back on. I was sitting on the side of the road in a car that was smoking more than my great grandmother did. Panic set in and tears started rolling down my face. I was worried about another car smashing into me and about the car I was sitting in bursting into flames. The only thing I could think of doing was calling my dad, so that’s exactly what I did.

After a twenty minute talk with Dad, he managed to calm me down and get my head thinking straight. Considering my family lived interstate, my father told me to call the tow truck company. Just as I started looking online for a tow truck company, a Tow Truck Service Flagstaff Hill truck pulled up in front of me. The man got out and walked up to my window. He asked me if I was ok, or if I’d like some help. The tears started up again and the friendly driver from crane truck rental companies Adelaide told me not to worry and that he would look after me. He must of had to deal with upset women all the time. The driver from Towing Erindale walked me to the passengers side of the tow truck and propped me up and gave me a bottle of water. I sat nervously waiting for the driver to load my car onto his truck and take the damaged goods away, me and my car.

I am sure about the dress my lovely bride

I love this dress and not just because I can see your figure in it. I really do think that it looks perfect on you and you should be really happy to wear it, because I think you look like an angel. It is true, I always think that you look like and angel and maybe it is true that I’m not the best fashion judge around here. I think that we should get your sisters in here so that they can help you make the decision. I think that any of the dresses from the Wedding Dress Shops Melbourne has to offer will work, but I’m also pretty sure that I can’t quite tell the difference between them all. It is of no matter though, because we will get Erica, Jessica, Melanie and Josie in to cast their verdict on the situation. With the five of us voting, you should be able to get a good sense of the things we like. We might even try the Tiaras Melbourne has going for us, so that we can think about accessorising the veil. It was just a thought; we don’t have to do it or anything. I hope that we can in fact get something good for the veils as well. I love a good veils and I’m pretty sure that the Veils Melbourne company will be able to supply us with all of the veils that we could ever get, and our choice of the first rate things that we have come to expect from this find place of business. I really do love these guys and girls, and I want Sarah’s sisters to go here once they want to get married, if they in fact do want to get married. I don’t want to push them into something that they don’t want just because their big sister is doing it.